[Windmill Oasis] Happiness! 2 Sakura Celebration

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Let my feelings be conveyed!

The year of the sakura–The one year out of every ten where the cherry blossoms bloom unusually long, in which the annual festivals are celebrated with much grandeur.

With the return of the year of the sakura, various feelings begin to bloom as if they’d been waiting impatiently.

“Seeing my big brother’s smiling face for the first time in two years…… This is where I belong after all.”

“I know the truth…… That’s not his true self. This year for sure, I’ll……”

“I wonder if I can really do it…… No, I must do it. I have to regain that relationship.”

“My preparations should be more than enough. There’s no way I’ll let it go that way again……”


“It’s been 10 years since I last came to this town, hasn’t it? Perhaps I’ll be able to see that person. I hope I see him……”

All of these feelings entangle like cherry blossom petals dancing in the wind.

And so begin the many stories……

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