[Windmill Cosmos] Ichizu na Kanojo to Koi Shitai

[Windmill Cosmos] Ichizu na Kanojo to Koi Shitai

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An accidental question leads to a confession that turns them into lovers!

Haruo Tokimori mentions the name of his true love, Kyoka Watanabe, during a love talk with his classmates.
He is so relieved that she is not there, but she overhears his conversation.

He confesses his feelings for her, and although he is shy, she says yes and they start dating.

Kyoka is serious and shy, and has a hard time holding hands with him.
However, with the help of the people around them, they slowly move forward together as lovers.

They cross the “line” and become more and more absorbed in each other, and a happy time continues.

Because I love everything about you, Kyoka.

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