[WAFFLE] Ore o Hoshigaru Futari no Haha Anime Expansion Version

[WAFFLE] Ore o Hoshigaru Futari no Haha Anime Expansion Version

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It all started about a year ago — when my father married again. His new wife Akiho, was younger than my mother.

That was a big turning point for me… when my difficult daily life started.

“To put it simply, older women are my type…”

I never told anyone about my type of women… and Akiho perfectly fit it. As the three of us lived together, it was perfectly clear that she was my father’s wife, but suddenly, due to his job, he was transferred to a branch office and left home.

Which meant it was only the two of us at home.

“Souta-kun, if there is something troubling you, please tell me.”

There really was something troubling me, but it was not the type of thing I could speak with her…

“You see Akiho… there’s something I need to consult with my father when he gets back home…”

As a result of that, I started to live alone in an apartment.

However, that was the beginning of an important event…

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