[Valkyria] Nyotai Kyouran Princess

[Valkyria] Nyotai Kyouran Princess

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–The Kingdom of Hassadumbo.
Blessed with a fertile land surrounded by mountains, it has never been invaded by any other country for many years, and time has passed in eternity.

Princess Mikana, the king’s only daughter, is in love with a man.
She is in love with a soldier in the service of the kingdom.
Of course, she is not allowed to fall in love with a mere soldier.
However, she has a faint hope that her father, a kind-hearted man, will understand, and so she begins to meet him night after night.

One day, however, a natural disaster strikes the kingdom. A natural disaster strikes the kingdom.
A storm that lasted for seven days.
It was on a scale that has not even been recorded in the hundreds of years of history of the kingdom.
Surrounded by mountains, there was nowhere for water to escape, and although the land was spared from being submerged, the overflowing water was a threat.
The death toll was too great to count, several towns and villages were destroyed, and all of the fertile fields were lost.

In an instant, the kingdom is on the verge of extinction.
The king ponders what he can do to save his kingdom, or rather his people.

But then. A messenger from an unfamiliar country in the east has arrived.

The messenger tells him that the country he serves will help him with everything he needs to rebuild.
But there was one condition.
That is …… the princess must be presented to the prince of the country.

However, he also adds that the prince has a few special preferences.
Mikana is dejected.
But the messenger man says it’s nothing to worry about.

If you leave the princess to me for a while, I’ll give you a body that the prince will like.

The princess decides to make up her mind.
The king, too, has no choice but to bet on the messenger.

And so the princess decides to entrust her body to this man to win the prince’s favor.
The treatment begins that day.
However, it would be a lukewarm “remodeling of the female body” to call it plastic surgery.

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