[Tanpakusitsu] Demon’s World 2: Camlann (ENGLISH)

[Tanpakusitsu] Demon’s World 2: Camlann (ENGLISH)

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A new adventure of blood and hope unfolds in the ruined land of Camlann, tainted by evil.

“Incubus 2: Camlann” is a completely new work that has undergone a major evolution in every aspect, such as high-level graphics that surpass the previous work, redesigned operability and UI, new systems, and a world map that’s several times larger than before.

From snowfields to deserts, you’re free to walk through a breathtakingly beautiful world. Watch out for dangerous demons and look for clues to save the land of Camlann. Events in various places will be recorded in a “Diary”, which may be a hint for your investigation.

In this game, we not only pursued the maximum quality of appearance, but also paid attention to the details in terms of acoustics. The world is full of immersiveness that makes you want to stop walking and enjoy the scenery in front of you once in a while.

Promotional Video/Opening

Sample CGs

System Requirements
Intel i5/i7
6 GB of RAM
16 GB Disk
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

Please try the DEMO first before download the full game

Please Read The FAQ and PASSWORD Section Before Asking Stupid Question, I Won’t Answer Any Stupid Question

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