[Sonora] Boku no Mirai wa, Koi to Kakin to. ~Charge To The Future~

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Bill yesterday, bill today. charge today, Bill for tomorrow.

Protagonist, Arima Kyouya, struggles to do part-time work in convenience store, finally he can buy the smart phone he wants.after that various applications games are downloaded and various applications games are investigated the its function, “free” apps games mostly charge a fee in the application system.although trying to play, most downloaded game apps have charge fee in the application system. not many game apps whose functionality can be used to one hundred percent.

Arima Kyouya who ran out of money from part-time work because buying a smart phone, almost half day his “continuous find an app game that does not require a charge” and so much time he wasted just for searching for the game app he wanted.

Finally, he found free social game apps without charge.

――「CUFFS Story’s」

using AR technology, it’s a game app which its popularity is increasing with real rpg system. no charge imposed, game app which called 「CUFFS Story’s」 game app these have full of function. At the same time in the game app that is, a new guild has been created which the member mostly from a same school students.

From the social extension of the that game app, it is become a real social connection. Kyouya school life become more social from before this and now new school life looks more radiant.

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