[Smee] Harem ja Nai yo Kingdom – Charlone & Marrou Hen

[Smee] Harem ja Nai yo Kingdom – Charlone & Marrou Hen

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Charlone Story “Raw Jealousy
Charlone and Charlone flew to Japan for a week with the help of Melodia, calling it a honeymoon.
They were so happy to be alone with their brother for a while, but when they went to the city of Japan, they found
There are fashionable and pretty girls everywhere you look ……!
Char, a sensitive girl who looks confident, but really lacks self-confidence, is honestly depressed by this situation.
The film is about a woman who wants to be the best of her brother, whom she loves so much, and is madly in love and jealousy with him.

Maloo story “Lazy private life to spoil your sister
Even though it is a harem, the protagonist has been sensitive to the eyes of each of his wives.
However, when she and her sister, Maru, are going to Japan, the pervert switch that she has been holding back from is turned on.
The protagonist is determined not to let this opportunity pass him by, so he spoils his sister to the point of death at his parents’ house.
He has already brainwashed his mother with the help of Maru’s storytelling skills, so there are no hurdles in his way.
Let’s indulge your sister Maroo, who’s always there for you from morning to night, even if she’s in trouble. ……!

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