[Smee] HajiLove -Making * Lovers-

[Smee] HajiLove -Making * Lovers-

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“Dating someone that’s not your soul mate is a waste of time.
The only kind relationship I’m interested in is one that’s sure to have a happy ending.
If you’re going to fall in love, fall in love once.
Find your ideal partner, a person that you love so much that it feels like you’re burning up inside.”

My beliefs about love were abnormal, clearly. My classmates certainly seemed willing to hookup with anything that walked, and they appeared happy enough.

But I realized something in my 2nd year of high school. My soul mate wasn’t going to just fall out of the sky into my lap. I wanted to experience a real, flesh and blood love, not some made up fairly tale version of it that only existed in my head.

-The childhood friend that wants to spend her life at your side-
-The classmate that dreams of meeting her knight in shining armor-
-The underclassman that wants to become an expert at romance-
-The upperclassman that longs to bring happiness to the family she holds dear-

My meeting these girls was nothing but a series of coincidences.
But if what happens next is up to me, then maybe I can decide it starts right here, right now.
I won’t know if I’m making the right moves or not until this is all over.
All I know is that the only one that can turn a chance encounter into true love is me.

The heroine and protagonist suddenly start dating, and as they spend time together, they fall in love for real.

This work inherits the concept and world view of its predecessor, “Making*Lovers”. It is a student version with all the heroines attending a school, with the concept of the shape of love that develops after a relationship is formed and the element of “shyness” is strengthened.

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