[Silky’s Sakura] Saimin Datsujo 2 ~Subete ga Boku no Jiyuu ni Naru Sekai e Youkoso~ Mikado Azusa Hen

[Silky’s Sakura] Saimin Datsujo 2 ~Subete ga Boku no Jiyuu ni Naru Sekai e Youkoso~ Mikado Azusa Hen

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Yuto Okamura is an introverted and quiet boy who can be found anywhere.
Yuto’s father sends him a mysterious artifact.
It is said to be an ancient relic that can instantly put anyone in a state of hypnosis, and can be used to make any suggestion.
At the time, Yuto let it go, thinking it was just another meaningless souvenir from his father, but when he tried it out, he found out that it really can be used to hypnotize people.
As he was thinking about how to use it, the presence of his estranged childhood friend came to his mind, and his eyes were drawn to her stretchy body.
As Yuto watches Azusa practicing in the track and field club, he can no longer control his desire for her.

He stops her at the end of the club activities and implores her to go home with him and ask her many questions.
When he hears about her estrangement and how she feels about him now, he wants to talk to her more and invites her to his room.
There, he learns that Azusa has a crush on a senior in the same club, and although he is almost disappointed, he is surprised and excited to learn that it is a woman.
She wants to support Azusa, who is struggling to improve her time in the track and field team for the sake of her senior, and decides to bring out her latent ability by hypnotic suggestion.
However, the suggestion is not interesting enough, so he touches Azusa’s body in the name of a massage, and Yuto gradually becomes captivated by the charm of her healthy body. ……

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