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“I want to have a graduation ceremony which still in the plans, and I want to send those who have lots of merit , to send them to a better place.”

After 5 years in oversea Hiro Shinya has returned to Japan and a girl who is giving a speech in the public with radiant face, Mizushiro Mina, they both gonna met under the sakura tree.

A girl who works hard for someone, however, ideal and work hard does not work at all, for the sake in order to help to hold graduation ceremony for a student who graduate in that year.

However, Shinya, who lived abroad for a long had no experience of attending a graduation ceremony. shinya doesn’t know what he should do. so here,The members of the Executive Committee of the Council graduates gathered gradually in order to discuss how to settle this problem.

Chloris was called by her friend to join the discussion. Rin was called by the senior member. Mariko third year students are also has be called to attend the discussion. From every corner of the discussions, all ideas have has been note in order to successful do it the graduation ceremony.

the spirit in the discussion can be seen with the cooperation and joy, will all member Executive Committee will success in they plan.

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