[Pin-Point] Teihen Youmuin Fukushuu Sennou ~Namaiki Reijou Saimin~

[Pin-Point] Teihen Youmuin Fukushuu Sennou ~Namaiki Reijou Saimin~

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Sobizaka Academy is a prestigious school with a long history and tradition.
Only those who pay high school fees are allowed to enter the school, and the students who attend are wealthy.
He grew up at home.

The protagonist, Masao Nemoto, was laid off from the company he worked for, and for the past five years he has been
He has been hired on a nepotism basis to work as a janitor at the school by mercy.

He is middle-aged, in his forties, and looks fat and bald. Furthermore, he’s a high school graduate with a job as a janitor.
He was looked at with disdain and ridicule by the elite students because of the position he held.

There were two female students who were particularly hard on him.
One of them was the best student in the school, and as the chairman of the public morals committee, she protected the school’s public morals and
Asuka Sakura Asuka, a fastidious and highly ethical schoolgirl with

The other one is badly behaved, but his family is rich and he pays a large donation.
Todo Reina, a delinquent schoolgirl who goes unpunished.

They look down on the protagonist and put him down and make him miserable at every turn.
He tries to taste it.

And one day, as usual, Asuka, the chairman of the public morals committee, who has a tough personality, says
He called me a sexual harasser for giving a female student a disgusting look.
He is forced to get down on his knees for accidentally peeking inside Asuka’s skirt.
Reina suddenly kicked her from behind, and she and her friends mocked her as she rolled over.
They cursed him out and took video of him pouring his juice over his head.
It ended up being posted on social media.

I want to get revenge …… I want to humiliate those guys to death. ……
The protagonist becomes more heightened than ever before.

The protagonist tries to masturbate while looking at an adult site on his phone to fantasize about revenge.
If you want to manipulate the girl to your heart’s content on the adult site. and
Normally, I wouldn’t care about it, but that day, the protagonist had a vengeance
I was so high that I clicked on that ad banner.

The moment you click on it, …… automatically installs a “wooshie app” on your phone.
be done.

And from that day on, the revenge of the janitor using …… that hostile app will begin ……!

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