[Niko] Swallowtail -Ano Hi, Ao o Koete-

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“On the day of the festival, let’s go steal a mask from a stall”

Shou’s girlfriend Yuuna suddenly said those words on the day before the festival. She was the type who would come up with outrageous ideas all the time, but at that time he was particularly looking forward to it. She was a capricious girl who wouldn’t get close to people, but since he was worried about her, he couldn’t just let her be and before he knew, he had fallen in love with her.

“I don’t want a bought mask. I want a stolen one”

He unwillingly went along with her on that fateful day and carried out their plan. But the sight of her running into the crowd was the last he saw of her.

Three years later, Shou had left his hometown to attend university in Tokyo and was now going out with his childhood friend Rie. Even though it’s a busy time for them with seminars having started, he fully enjoys his days studying with her. One month before the start of this year’s festival, he received a message on his phone with no sender.

“On the day of the festival, let’s go steal a mask from a stall”

Their frozen time together has resumed once more…

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