[Moonstone] Sex Underworld e Youkoso!

[Moonstone] Sex Underworld e Youkoso!

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The hero from another world successfully made children with his seven wives.
It seemed that this was the end of his fateful mission.

The world of Rolentide had been quiet for a long time.
But there was more to the legend being told.

──When the Heroes of Light are born, the Children of Darkness are also born──

The man who would father those figures, is the hero himself.

“Again!?” the hero thinks to himself, eager to have more sex.
In fact, if he becomes the father of the heroes of light and the Children of Darkness, it is possible for him become something that surpasses even the king of the world.

So therefore…

Guided by a legend, from places not seen before, beautiful girls from the underworld gather in search of the hero’s seed.

…Perhaps, to fulfill their ambitious goals.
…Or perhaps, they just want to have sex with the hero.

The days of being demanded by a beautiful girls begin again…

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