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The coffee shop Corleone is the oldest one in the shopping district. However, chain shops have popped up in recent years and the shop has fallen into financial trouble. Leo’s father, the shop owner, was blessed with a son and four daughters, but he became divorced when the children were still young. Leo left with his mother, while his sisters were raised by his father.

Ten years after being separated from his sisters, he suddenly received news that his father didn’t have long to live. When he returned to his hometown, there was a letter addressed to him from his father. It asked him to take over the coffee shop Corleone.

Leo was reluctant to do it, but for the time being while awaiting his father’s funeral, he would stay with his sisters that he hadn’t seen for a long time. They also had conflicting feelings about the shop’s future: Ami and Yuu wanted to carry on, while Riko and Ria didn’t have any interest in doing so.

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