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This is the fandisc for Trinoline and it’s actually the first fandisc from minori since 8 years ago! It contains stories for all the characters (including sub-characters Hanako and Ayaka). There’s also a mini story for Yorino chara poll winner Towa. Enjoy your balloons.

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  1. Quoted from girlcelly : “Um…Many thank to 流風の舞 aka yukimai for making Crack. He also put How To Use file inside, it is easy to understand with Google Translate.”

    1- Mount Image files
    2- Run anzhuang.bat as Administrator, input full upper case A as Serial
    3- Default installation is C:\genesis, you can change into your own by click anzhuang.bat and Edit
    4- After installed the game, copy genesis.exe genesis_bak.mai mai.dll in this Crack into game folder
    5- Run genesis.exe to play !


    Avatar Darcien
      1. I tried it and it works just fine, probably the way you mount the .ISO.
        Anyway, here’s another version of the crack.
        Run the Minori_install.exe as admin, run the game installer after mounting the .ISO, replace the installed genesis.exe with the crack, done.

        Avatar Darcien

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