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Keiichi had thought that he could become whatever he wanted to if he tried hard enough. However, his pursuit of a dream job in the capital didn’t work out as intended and amidst the constant job changes, he felt like he was being left behind by everyone else. Eventually he became tired of his stagnant situation and returned to his hometown of Manobe in search of something new.

His father told him that his friend was looking for help at the rooftop amusement park Manobe Park, which he used to visit often as a child. He reluctantly went to the interview and passed it, and was assigned the job of dressing up in a bear suit to hand out balloons. He became interested in three girls: the cheerful and lively Yuri, with whom he used to play; the my-pace Himawari, who loves eating and getting spoiled; and, the quiet and cute Sumire, the manager’s granddaughter who doesn’t know much about the world. This was the beginning of their sweet and slightly bitter ‘secret playtime’ together.

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