[Lump of Sugar] Wakaba-iro no Quartet

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Yuuto lives in the town of Totsuda, which is surrounded by the mountains and the sea. One day, his kouhai Hiyori stalked him around the school and dorm Wakaba-sou, finally confronting him and declaring:

“I love you! So… how about I become your maid!?”

At the same time, he met the animal-eared Sofia, a princess from the Kingdom of Elidrone who had transferred to his school. She was surprisingly friendly with everyone considering her status, but she seemed to look at him differently:

“Hey… I… think you’re the one. I truly believe it, ok?”

Both the maid girl and animal-eared princess had their own secrets. Their actions started to change his surroundings, which also dragged in his pet cat Ai and childhood friend Miyako.

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