[Lump of Sugar] Madoi Shiroki no Kamikakushi

[Lump of Sugar] Madoi Shiroki no Kamikakushi

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One day during winter.
It all started with a flickering mirror inside a certain house.
From that flickering mirror came out Roka, a girl with fox ears.
The protagonist, Takuto, and his younger sister, Shiina, threw themselves in to the mirror following Roka, and wandered into “the other side.”
In there was a world similar but still different to the human world.
Spirits, demons and all other sorts of non-human beings, a world of gods.
“Welcome to the hidden world of the gods”
Mikoto, the otherworldly girl with rabbit ears.
Chiyo, the tsukumogami running a teahouse.
Roka and her mom, the nine-tailed foxes.
Shiina, who got spirited away together with her brother.
Takuto will work together with these girls to find a way back home, but…
Through these intereactions, he will learn the true nature of gods, and about secrets between siblings.
Humans and gods, 2 worlds, 4 girls.
He stands in the snowy land of the gods, and wonders-
“Where do you belong?”

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