[Liquid] Sei Dorei Gakuen 2

[Liquid] Sei Dorei Gakuen 2

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St. Orkis Academy.
A school for girls with a long history, founded by the Tozuma family, a prominent family in this region.
In recent years, the school has become co-educational, but there is no sign of its prestige.

The head of the Higashi family is the president of the school, and his daughters are still enrolled as the school’s president and students.
The Azuma family has long been known for its feminine lineage, and everyone thought that their prosperity would continue to be unchallenged in the future.

But now, a disturbing shadow is creeping into the peaceful school.
The identity of this shadow is the Nishiki family.

The Nishiki family is an emerging conglomerate that secretly cultivates sex workers, and with the profits and connections they make through their sales, they have deep roots in the world of politics and business.
The Nishinori family has unleashed an assassin in an attempt to eat the Azuma family.
The assassin’s name is Comet Kuga.

Although he is still young, he is a skilled pedant who can turn any woman into a superb lover.
Without knowing his true identity, the Azuma family accepts Comet as a transfer student at St. Orkis Academy. ……

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