[Leaf] White Album 2 Extended Edition

Game Cover

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Contains bonus disc that includes v16493, the additional scenario “Fugutaiten no Kimi e” that was added in the console releases, all related drama CDs and novels, and system voices (originally part of the pillow talk CD that was a Sofmap bonus for Closing Chapter).

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    I want to ask for the installation, its must be installed (Disc 1&2) in same folder?
    after i installed from disc 1 and continue to disc 2 but its say i already installed the game im confused xD

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    First thanks for this game.
    I’ve encounter a little problem with the installation, i’ve extracted the files and mount the disc then put the translated patch with the files but when i tryed tu launch the game with the translated patch they told me that i need the original game before applying it.
    Does that mean i have to buy the game ?


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