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The protagonist, Koyasu Tokirou, moved alone to an apartment complex and lives an uninteresting daily life. However, that boring life soon changed due to a series of consecutive coincidences with his next door neighbor. Leaving their respective homes by chance, then accidentally knowing about her family issues, which eventually led to their sexual relations.

“I beg you, please impregnate me!”

Whatever the situation is, there’s no way he would not agree to cum inside someone else’s beautiful wife. Forgetting about the time and the existence of the husband, he drowned in the pleasure of her ripe, mature body.

Next day, Katashina Shiori, a resident of the same apartment who is famous for liking gossips, confronted Tokirou about his affair with Yukari. By a slip of his tongue, he had to admit to it.

“I was careless”.

He thought that she will gather the gossip-loving housewives and talk about freshly acquired juicy gossip to them. However, that wasn’t her intention at all.

After knowing about Yukari’s circumstances, Shiori introduced Tokirou to other girls who have the same worries.

And for the sake of these girls wanting to get pregnant, his impregnation activities started.

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