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The Seventh Republic, Among the police organizations that have protected the country from the many dangerous case criminal, the 13th police force where there are gathering many trouble maker cop members in that team.

The main protagonist Hiryuu Ruka, who is one of the 13th member of the police force. Ruka served as a detective, but Ruka had made a lot of trouble with bad discipline.

Once upon a time, Ruka was involved in one dangerous case but the case has ended with tragedy. His rank has been dropped and the ruka has been assigned to be in the police team to No.13.

That’s why ruka on duty alone than rather cooperating with anybody.

A new member who is not very competent in her duties, has been assigned to be in the Seventh Republic. time passes quickly. Day by day, the atmosphere of the Seventh Republic changed because of the arrival of a new girl member.

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