[Hamham Soft] Yuki no Yoru, Ore wa Imouto o Hadaka ni Suru.

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“Onii-chan. Please leave me here in this home…”

Shingo left his hometown in the countryside to live alone in the city. Then during the winter break, his imouto Yuki, whom he thought he had left behind, traveled all the way from afar to live with him. His cousin Sae who visits him often for private lessons sensed the arrival of another girl.

What was Yuki’s reason for coming? What actions will Sae take?
Before he knew it, he laid his hands on their bodies….

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5 thoughts on “[Hamham Soft] Yuki no Yoru, Ore wa Imouto o Hadaka ni Suru.”

  1. The vn itself is region locked, so I used AlphaROMdiE. But after using it, the game seem to open on a black screen like it’s loading, but then it just closes iself

  2. Game itself works, the only problem is it will only work if the disc is mounted to your computer. So to get it to work I had to have 2 copies of the game on my computer, the game disc (iso) and the extracted contents of the game disc in another folder. Apply the crack (alpharom) to the foldered copy (since you can’t apply the crack to the disc). Mount the disc, and run the foldered copy of the game.


    1. Extract disc (iso) contents to separate folder
    2. Mount disc (iso)
    3. Apply crack to extracted/foldered copy
    4. Run cracked copy
    5. To play the game again after closing, you’ll have to mount the disc copy, and run the foldered crack copy

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