[Hamham Soft] Imosapo! ~Genkin de Low na Kyonyuu Imouto ni, Oppai Momasete Moraimashita~

[Hamham Soft] Imosapo! ~Genkin de Low na Kyonyuu Imouto ni, Oppai Momasete Moraimashita~

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Kanae’s younger sister, Kanae, runs away from home and comes to the protagonist’s house out of the blue.
The protagonist, Shinobu, is unable to turn away her.
The younger sister’s body, which has grown into a full-grown girl, is…..
Especially her large breasts are enough to stir the main character’s heart…

A lifestyle of violent behavior that began out of the blue for the purpose of earning her money!
My sister’s breasts are at the mercy of us, and sex at a price, supportive relationships and lust in full force!

Promotional Video/Opening

Sample CGs

Replaced with Disc (ISO) version, because too many problem with DL Version

How to Crack
1. After finished installing the game, use alpharom dir from FAQ to crack it
2. copy paste kdays.dll from imosapo crack to your game directory
3. If you lazy to change region and timezone use no reg loader from FAQ to play it

Please Read The FAQ and PASSWORD Section Before Asking Stupid Question, I Won’t Answer Any Stupid Question

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  1. Avatar

    I’ve tried all the 3 cracks you give to me, it’s still not working.
    It only give me the .crash.dmp files

    Is the problem relates to the SiglusEngine.exe?

    btw thanks for helping this far!

  2. Avatar

    Good News!

    I accidently combine some files, and it worked!

    I copied the SiglusEngine.exe and kdays.dll from the crack at GDrive, and I copied the Scene.pck from the share.dmca.gripe/ web

    Thank you very much!!

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