[CRYSTALiA] Akatsuki Yureru Koi Akari

[CRYSTALiA] Akatsuki Yureru Koi Akari

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On the other hand, “Kazamine” is in the east, and “Suzakuin” is in the west.

Edamichi is the hottest sport in Japan in the year 204X, and it is a near-future sport that is fought with seriousness.
This year, two girls entered Murakumo Academy, which teaches this kind of edo.

One is the rough but passionate “Fu-Rei Yukigetsu-Ka” who puts her inner unparalleled power on the blade.
The other is Suzakuin Momiji, who is clever and precise, with a formidable mind and a genius sense of swordsmanship.

Both of them are from different backgrounds and have different personalities, but both of them are aiming for the title of “Priestess of the Sword”, the highest rank in the school.

The main character, Iori Muragaki, is invited to the school as a temporary teacher.
The main character ‘Muragaki Iori’ is invited to the school as a temporary teacher, and is ordered to be a deputy homeroom teacher of the special class ‘Takamura-gumi’ to which Yukigetsuka and Momiji belong.

However, the students of this Takamura class are all …… unbelievable troublemakers!

He is serious and calm, but when it comes to Iori, he is fanatical and out of control, “Kuki Asahi”.
And then there’s Rirumu Jubei, a selfish gal who keeps to herself.

Will Iori be able to safely lead the students who have so many peculiarities?
And who will be given the title of “Priestess of the Sword”, the highest rank in the school?
And who will be the one to light the light of love with Iori?

There’s no time to wait for the bagua to be met – let’s play the game.

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