[Clock Up] Orihime ~Gokujou no Mirai wa Ore no Mono~

[Clock Up] Orihime ~Gokujou no Mirai wa Ore no Mono~

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The year is 200X.
Sakaegomachi, one of the most famous entertainment districts in Japan.
It’s still a shithole of men and women, young and old.
In this town that looks like a cesspool.
I’m living my life as an overwhelmingly powerful man, devouring my desires.

“Oh, ……, I want to fuck a better woman, …….
I picked up the remote and turned on the TV.
“Hmm ……?
The woman on the TV was beautiful, with long hair that looked like silver thread, and a face that was almost inhumanly beautiful.

“The princess of Lidomere Kingdom, urgent visit.
“A welcome party will be held in Tokyo in the near future.

I was hoping for more than just an ordinary woman, but …… a princess. I’ve never had sex with such a noble lady.
I’ve had plenty of proud bitches in my life.
I’m not sure what it’s like to break the hand of a noble flower.

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