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It all began when Yukihito happened upon a handwritten note about a village that does not appear on any map. He had just quit his job, and set out in search of this village in the depths of the mountains. It was a place where the camellia bloom out of season, the autumn colours come out earlier than usual, and red flowers are everywhere. The forest surrounding him was so intensely red that it felt like it would drive him mad.

When he came to, he found himself in the village of Kimachi. He had collapsed at the edge of the town and had been asleep for three days. The villagers welcomed him as a marebito, a divine being that brought prosperity and happiness. This year was particularly important for them, as it was the time for the special Hanasaki Festival, held once every twenty years. He was fetted with two beautiful women who attended to his every need. They were born for continuing this treasured ritual dating back to ancient times: to welcome the god that will visit them.

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  1. Hello Darcien! Is there a crack included in this download? I tried using the alpharom cracker but that doesn’t work (or I’m doing it wrong) and well the game can’t be opened without a crack. Thanks for the upload though!

    Avatar Scar

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