[Clearworld Project] Clearworld

[Clearworld Project] Clearworld

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The year 2035–
A giant global corporation, “Benslem”, drilled the ocean floor for unknown energy resources.
The world was in a state of excitement over the discovery of energy resources.

We have invested enormous resources in a seemingly inexhaustible source of energy.
After about ten years, eleven paradises were born on earth, each with the most advanced technology.
Requests to live in these paradises were flooded in, but while people longed for a paradise where only the chosen could live
I was forced to live the same life as before.

The year 2047–
In a city that doesn’t particularly benefit from one of the paradises, although it’s within striking distance of one of the paradises.
Gionji Midori (Gion Jimito) was working as a detective assistant at his uncle’s detective agency.

There, he receives a request to find someone.
In the warehouse district of the harbor at night with few lights, Midoriddo meets a mysterious girl.

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