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Every work of fiction will features clichés. However, Sora happened to be a magnet for clichéd characters and situations. After waking up with his osananajimi asleep next to him, he’d bump into a girl with a slice of toast in her mouth on his way to school, only to find out that she’s the new transfer student in his class. To top it off, he found her in his house upon returning home… she was actually his little sister-in-law! When he thought he was being driven out from his own home, he caught a maid who descended from the sky, only to touch her breasts. And of course, it was witnessed by the strict class rep who gave him a hard slap. Just how many clichés can one take!?

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when DVD mounted
ディスクレス化を行いますか?→ Yes

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can play without DVD after
Thanks to Always Smile @Anime-Sharing.com

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    Hey guys, just a heads up if you’re going to download this one – Alpharom doesn’t seem to work on this title. Neither method of installing it or just copying the files straight off the iso worked for me with Alpharom, so in the absence of a crack, can’t play this one yet.

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          Oh Anime Sharing. Right, sorry. It took some digging around on that site, but I did find it, so thanks for pointing me (and anyone else who comes to the comments looking for a solution) in the right direction, it’s greatly appreciated.

          No idea why it didn’t turn up in any of my search results, but never mind, we got there in the end.

          1. Avatar

            Just throwing it out there in case some others couldn’t find it. You need to type tenpure in japanese in the search bar to get the result (for now). Probably, it’s because no one haven’t put English name tag on the game yet.

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