[Bishop] Oppai Heart ~Kanojo wa Kedamono Hatsujouki!?~ Immoral Edition

[Bishop] Oppai Heart ~Kanojo wa Kedamono Hatsujouki!?~ Immoral Edition

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Ryuuya has an older sister, Miya. He lives a peaceful school life with his friends. But one day, he and his friends accidentally drink a medicine juice. Once you drink it, you’ll become sexually sensitive and get sexually excited soon. Especially the breasts of the girls who drink it will get bigger and they will need to have sex to cool down. Also, to make a vaccine, they will need to get pregnant. Like this, Ryuuya starts having sex with the girls to cool them down and make a vaccine…!

The game engine has been revamped and now supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8/8.1/10.
It is compatible with the latest Windows 10, and the production aspect has been revised to be as close as possible to the current product, so those who purchased their computers recently can purchase it without any worries.

The expression “anal and pubic hair” has been added
I not only removed the mosaic, but also added pubic hair and buttocks newly drawn with attention to the texture.
In addition, I added pubic hair to not only the event picture but also the standing picture.
Also, we added “Smooth is better! If you’re not sure about this, you can turn off the pubic hair expression from the config screen.

Update the save load screen by increasing the number of save slots.
Increased the number of save slots to 336 (one of which is used for auto-save).

Changed the screen size from 800*600 pixels to 1024*768 pixels.

Configuration screen with additional functions of current products
We have added a number of corrections and improvements to the game to bring it as close as possible to the feel of the latest game.
Eye catching, beast effect, cut-in and eye crackers, etc. can be turned on and off individually.
Added the function of clearing and holding the menu button of the message window.
Added a function to automatically lower the BGM volume during audio playback.
Added a mode that does not cancel audio playback with a click (continues audio).

Strengthen the viewing room
The viewing room area has been enhanced to be at the same level as the current product as much as possible.
Additional implementation of BGV viewing.
You can watch CG while playing back your favorite BGVs.
Create a list of your favorite scenes and watch them in sequence.
Edit text in the message window” and “Function to arrange text in the screen freely” for viewing pictures.
Added “Save Status” function to collect your favorite situations that you have created.

Ejaculation countdown and final ejaculation countdown were added.
Added the ability to count down from 9 clicks before ejaculation until ejaculation is reached.
If there are multiple ejaculations in an event, the ejaculation countdown will be displayed before the normal ejaculation scene and the final ejaculation countdown will be displayed before the last ejaculation scene in the event.
The countdown can be turned on and off in the configuration settings.

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