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Rajasthan is a town that sits at the foot of a huge tower that is said to have been built by an ancient civilization and is so tall that it appears it can reach the heavens. There are many unknown machines and objects found in the tower which can be sold for large sums of money, but it is guarded by robots which seek to exterminate all intruders. It is up to adventurers to complete this dangerous job of obtaining these treasures.

Rowan is a young man who runs a used goods shop, mainly repairing and identifying treasures which adventurers retrieve from the tower. However, every day he wondered if he should be following in the footsteps of his late grandfather, who was one of the best treasure hunters the town had ever seen.

That’s when a girl carrying a huge sword visited his shop. It was one of the most prized treasures which belonged to an adventurer who had once reached the pinnacle of the tower but did not ultimately return. She told him that she wished to know why her father did not come back and aspired to be an adventurer to see the same views as him. He decided to help her attain her unrealistic dream.

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