[Atelier Sakura] Koibito wa Nido Netorareru

[Atelier Sakura] Koibito wa Nido Netorareru

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The protagonist, Shiuchi Norikazu, has decided to leave the town where he was born and raised.
He has no immediate family and has no good memories of the town, and he wants to leave it for a new life in the city.

His only regret, however, is his childhood friend, Kagetsu Emika.
She and I have grown up together since we were little, and we have lost both of our parents as well.
He didn’t know if his feelings for her were affection, friendship or pity, but he didn’t want to leave her behind and leave town.

He boldly asked her if she would like to go with him. However, Emika refuses the invitation.

Later, Emika’s father-in-law, who has been living with her, is seen to be in love with her.
Shocked, the protagonist asks Emika directly, and she replies that she is being held by her own will, and urges Noriwa to forget about me and leave town quickly.

However, judging from the expression on Emika’s face, Norikazu decides that she doesn’t really mean it, so he meets with her again to find out her true intentions.
As you can see, my father-in-law has forced me to be in his arms.
Norikazu thinks that he can no longer follow Norikazu like this.

Norikazu hugs the weak Emika and tells her that he doesn’t care about this and that they should get out of this together, and Emika agrees. They confirm their love for each other and tie the knot.

After that, Norikazu and Emika leave the town and vow to live together in a new place, leaving their painful memories behind, and vow to be happy in the future.

However, the slight differences that arise while living in the city lead the two, who should be in love with each other, in an unexpected direction.

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