[ASa Project] Ren’ai, Karichaimashita

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Due to family circumstances Yuki believes that “money is for the sake of making my imouto happy”, and worked until late at night at a part time job.

Graduate quickly and work as a society member were his goals, but one day his imouto told him when he was leaving for work: “if Yuki won’t go to university I won’t either”. I can’t let my imouto go through that burden!

So, in order to gather the necessary sum of money to enter university, Yuki signs up for a “human employment rental” website. It seemed extremely suspicious but, all victories inevitably come at a cost.

But for some reason, he gets commissioned to pretend to be the girls in his class’s boyfriend… furthermore, even from a friend to be her onii-chan!?

After being paid these relations for the sake of the girls will start… with their details and instructions!

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