[Alcot] Shougun-sama wa Otoshigoro

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Nobuyuki is a normal student who was involved in a traffic accident. After regaining his consciousness, he found himself in the Edo period!

Yoshimune, a beautiful swordswoman whose hobby is vanquishing evil.
Muneharu, the flashy daughter of one of the three great families.
Tamaki, his imouto who also time-slipped to the Edo period.
Rin, a shy kunoichi who lives next door to him.

Along with these four beautiful girls, he acquired possession of the cheat sword “Reitou Retsuzan”, which has a mind of its own, to become the greatest swordsman of Edo. It wouldn’t be long before the battle for the mysterious ‘hidden treasure’ would lead to a major event that would shake the Shogunate.

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  1. hi,the game works but i can’t see the characters and instead of the text i see only squares,the rest of the texts are ok

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