[Akabei Soft3] Shoujo to Toshi no Sa, Futamawari.

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Masami is an officer worker who has lived an uneventful life. His parents passed away, he was hospitalized for a while, then he changed jobs because of it. Various things happened, but apart from those, he lived in the moment. Then he realized that he was at the age where others were calling him oji-san. Yet he didn’t have friends nor a girlfriend, kept his distance from his colleagues at work, and lived by himself.

However, he did have a cousin Rin who often called him and he enjoyed talking with her. She worked as a hostess at night, so she leaves her teenage daughter Mizuka alone at home every night. She asked him to take care of Mizuka whenever he had time. So, he called her and asked if she would like to have dinner together.

A lonely man and a lonely girl. Due to this trivial offer, their time alone gradually became one for both of them.

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10 thoughts on “[Akabei Soft3] Shoujo to Toshi no Sa, Futamawari.”

  1. just opened the game , everything is working normally but when i press game start nothing happens and the screen goes full black and a massage says cannot open storage file_1.ks appears , although the buttons on the keyboard and mouse work normally , anybody knows how to fix this ???

    1. HI –
      did you find a solution for this?

      i am having the same problem – i run the game from the crack difference.exe and the game starts but when you try to start a new game it stops on a black screen with the error about file_1.ks

      just wondered if anyone had managed to run it? Thanks in advance!

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