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Saturday, December 7, 2013

[seal-AQUALIA] Amaterasu Riddle Star (JAP)

 Its been a while since the last time I'm posting something..
 someone miss me?
I guess nobody...

*hugging my pillow*

Amatarasu Riddle Star
Title: Amatarasu Riddle Star
Alternate: あまたらすリドルスター
Release Date: 2013-11-29


Takaya is bored every day, so much that he agrees to go along with his childhood friend Yua’s strange requests. Tonight, it was a picnic at night while watching the stars. Seeing a shooting star, Yua hurriedly wished for something exciting to happen… and the shooting star crashed near their school, although it doesn’t seem like it created a crater from afar. They were dumbfounded by what they’ve seen, just as another shooting star shot by. This time, Yua wished that it wouldn’t land in the town… and it crashed in front of them instead. In the cloud of dust, a white-haired bunny-eared girl jumped out and ran towards the town. They ran after her and were surprised when they saw the new form of their school.
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Download Link

*Make sure to download the patch too because the game is too buggy
I wish there's a VN where Doge is the main protagonist

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