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Monday, August 26, 2013

[Touhou Music] Paraguna Satsuki (Indonesian Circle)

Heyya guys, TL is here
as you guys know, I'm a big fans of touhou related thing
but its been a while since the last time I'm posting touhou related thing haha
this time, I'm going to post some touhou music

Todays lucky circle "Paraguna Satsuki"


Paraguna Satsuki is a pseudonym for the creator's, aimed for his music project. Satsuki is a Touhou music arranger(東方音楽アレンジャ―) and also an amateur music producer from Indonesia.

My Comment
    I didnt know that there's Indonesian circle in remixing touhou music, so after getting the information, I contacted the circles and ask them where can I get their music, and some sample of their music, and I must say that I'm surprised, its quite good. so I decided that I will support them by buying their music and post it on craneanime.

    Their music is kinda similar to ENS, and you will hear a lot of techno tune rather than any other music tune.. so if you into this kind of song, this circle is for you...

Music Samples

you can check the rest of them on their sound cloud: https://soundcloud.com/paragunasatsuki


Download Link Where you can get their album 
You can buy their album during AFAID 2013 on booth 32&33, or if you didnt want to go to AFA, you can just contact them directly at http://paragunasatsuki.webs.com/contact-us

okey then, that is all for today post, I hope you enjoy the post :)


  1. Replies
    1. No idea. All I know is that my app tells me that it's
      "Passenger by One Republic piano cover (with sheet music) - YouTube"

    2. Ah the upper right utube player e? Ill turn off the autoplay


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