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Monday, September 10, 2012

Daily Brief: 10-09-2012

Dwi_Edge: wthell is this? I don't even...

Here is a new info about our current condition and also about our forum.

1. As the announcement above said, we are slowly recovering.
60,85% our files are already on FTP. And we'll back to our daily activity soon.

2. Have you register and visiting CraneAnime forum?
If you want to know more you can read this:
CraneAnime Info

3. Please and please, turn-off your adblocker.
We are need money for our third secret project. It's all for you guys too. I can assure you it'll benefical for everyone. So please corporating with us, especially if you can't help us by donating.

4. Report Dead Link. (Important!)
We are still found some members asking about dead link on the pages, why?
We always encourage you to report any dead link on here ( Report the dead link in here )
Because we mainly using forum as the main activity right now.

5. We are still accepting uploader to join our crews.
Please remind this that we are working this on free and without being paid. We are here working on the Community, so everyone can get VN and eroge freely.
If you interested, you can check this link:
Uploader Requirements

6. Japanese and Indonesian sub-forum is ready now.
On this forum, you must use japanese language and also Indonesian language. It's a respect from us to all Crane-members that coming from Japan/Nihon and Indonesia.
Feel free to drop-by here ->
Japan and Indo sub-forum

So what are you waiting for?
My fellow VNs lover... My brothers and sisters that come from Japan and Indo!
Now is your time to you to taking a part on the community!

For those who want to get access to our FTP... yes... it is ef...te..pe...
So if you want to become the VIP/Donator, go to the forum and donate...

As for the information, please go here first:


The benefits of donating;

8. Want to help but not with money? That's okay!
Right now, we need a Web-designer, who is familiar with CSS and/or IPboard...

Contact us at the IRC or Fanpage if you want to help!
IRC: #CraneAnime at p2pirc or Mibbit
Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/CraneAnimeFanPage

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