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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

[HuneX] Arcana Famiglia ~La storia della Arcana Famiglia~ (JAP)

Another anonymous request~ This is a PSP game that hasn't been translated (I doubt it would ever be) so only people who can understand Japanese even without AGTH/ITH should play it. You can either use your PSP if you own one or use JPCSP emulator to play on PC.


Title: Arcana Famiglia ~La storia della Arcana Famiglia~Original Title: アルカナ・ファミリア - La storia della Arcana Famiglia - Developer: HuneX
Publishers:COMFORTPlatform: PSP
Release Date: 2011-10-27


The heroine spent her childhood days in a lonely, remote place with her mother, Sumire, and her servant/subordinate, Luca. The Christmas she turned 16, she was invited to go and live together with her father, Mondo.
The dream she had ever since she was young was to live a happy life with her family together. Thus, with her long-yearned-for dream coming true, she took her first steps as a member of ‘Arcana Famiglia’, a vigilante organization the frank Mondo is in control of.The story takes place 3 months after that, on April 1st.



Download Link


by otome_gamer

People who have a PSP play it however you wish~
And people who,like me, don't have a PSP follow the step by step procedures according to the videos in this post here, tell me if you face any problems.



  1. Thank you, even if IDK if I will play it, it's in JAP =O

  2. Thank you! Im truly grateful~!
    I really wanted to play this!

  3. *o* Thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you!


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