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Sunday, June 17, 2012

[Asgard] Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!! (PC-JAP, DS-ENG/Otome)

Since Love Revo finally got a English patch for the DS version (why not the PC version? D: *Depressed*) This patch is applicable for the Korean version of the game only, called Girlish Love Revolution! DS, and of course, to use this patch you'd need an electronic copy of the game, a rom, that will be patched to English. You'll need an emulator to run the rom with if you don't have a Nintendo DS, I suggest desmume, it's easy to use and versatile.

I decided to share the DS Rom,so that people who are being troubled trying to find a Korean version of the game to patch can be relieved :D Also I'm sharing the PC game too, since PC>>>>>DS any time even if it isn't translated, and PC is the only version fully voiced.


Title: Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!!
Original title: 乙女的恋革命★ラブレボ!!
Aliases: Maiden Love Revolution Love-Revo
Developer: Asgard (asugarudo) & Interchannel
Platform: PC,DS,PSP, PS2


The main character, Hitomi Sakuragawa, was once a cute, beautiful girl, winning beauty contests in childhood. However, after losing to the temptation of junk food received from fans, she has steadily gained weight… until she reached 100 kg in her second year of high school.

At the beginning of the school year, the main character and her brother move into her father’s mansion-like dorm. Surprise awaits as she discovers that the school’s most popular guys are also moving in. Their impressions on her shock her into starting a diet.



Download Links

by otome_gamer

DS version English Patch link(you do not need this if you get our download, use this only if you have the korean game already and just need the patch) :http://gbatemp.net/topic/318294-girlish-love-revolution-english-translation-project/

I'll make this a bit d since this game can be somewhat hard if you miss a few things.

DS Version
For game walkthrough/directions and keyowrds" for the DS version go here:

That is the help page made by the translation group, for god's sake don't say anything about roms and stuff there, you have us for that, right?

GUIDELINES for installing the patch and walkthrough are at the links available in the translation thread, and the people looking for the Keywords needed for this English Love Revo DS can go here:

Back then when I played this before translation I used this walkthrough(also this guide provides some extra tips). However you guys go see that google site first, these 2 Guides are very detailed and a bit scary O_o To check the needed stats for triggering events see this guide I actually used for the PC version.

EMULATOR FOR PLAYING DS VESRION IN PC: For DS games,I am torn between DeSmuMe and NO$GBA, as DeSmuMe is much more advanced and user-friendly than NO$GBA, which is faster but has less options. I suggest desmume if your PC/laptop is good enough since it is much easier to use. Plus NO$GBA needs an additional program NO$Zoomer to zoom and rotate the screen.

PC version
Keywords needed for the "true " ending differs in the PC, DS and PS2 version (specially since now the DS version is translated and PC version is not).You can get them in the japanese walkthrough here , there is another good jap guide here which has all the correct choices marked , but it doesn't have the right keywords, see the first one for the keywords.By combining this 2 guides with an English one, the game shouldn't be hard to beat.

Gameplay Advice by otome-sama
For both PC and DS game, the 4 items exercise bike, the sauna suit, healing music and the rowing machine must be bought ASAP! ESPECIALLY THE MUSIC CD! Without it you'll be stuck eating sweets to lower the stress bar (hara-heri), which will INCREASE your weight!

As for dating, this game employs an unseen affection meter (the color of the hearts beside the bishie's heads in the options sub-screen indicate it), you can raise them by visiting them during holidays (I spent 90% of the holidays stalking them). See details inside the walkthroughs from gamefaqs. My tips would be:
-always save before any choices, specially before answering questions during dates
-if you ask out a guy for a date and he refuses, load right before asking him. It's all about probability. Even Ren, the "ultimate catch" in this game, agreed for a date when his affection meter was close to zero after I reloaded for like 7/8 times.


  1. It seems to miss the fourth part for Pc version.

    (Sorry for bad english)

    1. Mediafire Y U TROLL US

      Ok, fixed. The parts are different from the ones uploaded before, so download them all again. (Sorry)

  2. I wish someone could ask the DS group if they could use their translation for the PC version and give 'em credits. D: I wanna play it with the voice acting~

    1. I think if you contacted them, they wouldn't have problem with it.
      Some time ago I asked at the forum about PC patch and the jjjewel there said "I don't know how to hack PC games. T_T As of now, I haven't heard back from the one who talked about hacking the PC version yet. I guess the PC version is hard to hack."
      So I think if you can or know someone who can hack the PC version you should try to contact them.

  3. sorry, i have try to mount it and success, but when i click the application in virtual drive,, i cant open it. It show:

    Task no. 0 Adr : 0x31c52ef[0x52ef] (0xfe)
    Command : @regReadStr

    and when i search the folder in C:\Program Files\planpeace its empty...

    please tell me how to solve this PC version (T,T)

    BTW, i love this site! >W<

    1. you use latest daemon?

      are you sure you're downloading the PC ver?

  4. Yes.. i use daemon tools lite ver. 4.45, and i'm sure i downloading the PC ver it have 12 part in it.

    oh yeah after show task no.0 Adr..blablabla.... its show "Registry Read Error"

    Usually i can install Starry Sky series in my computer so this problem make me confused.

    Uhmm sorry bad grammar..

  5. I don't know whether this one can answer your answer or not. But, Love Revo installation contains 2 options: the 500+ Mb & 1+ Gb. You have to choose 1+Gb to get all the settings, if you choose the 500+, you have to keep on running the mounting tool when playing the game.

    My suggestion, uninstall the game & install 'em back & choose the 1+Gb option (full spec) for the game..

  6. i tried to download the PC ver but the 12 part wont open/expand saying the file is damaged so can you please re upload the 12 part please?

    1. Try to repair the file, if that doesn't work re-download.

  7. Can i download the DS version and play it on my comp? If so which link shall i download? Actually i downloaded the pre-patched one. I extracted it and open it. It said "Drag and drop clean ROM here" Does that mean i have to download the ROM too to play it? :c

    1. >.< By "pre patched one" I meant the "pre patched ROM" Of course you need the ROM, that IS the DS game. You either use the pre patched ROM or patch the untouched ROM yourself, then use one of the emulators I liked in the post to open the ROM and play.

  8. Pardon me, but I have no idea where to find the pre patch rom. Help? >u<
    And would this work on my r4, or do I have to get and emulator and play this on a PC?

    1. *facepalms* The ROM included in the download is patched already, just download the ROM we gave and play it in your DS or use emulator in PC, either will work.

  9. hello there, sorry.. but, please can you tell me exactly where and how can I download the PC version of this game? Does it really fully voiced? I already have the DS and the PSP. I had finished the lesser 4th of the famous 5's route and now I'm currently playing Ren's. thank you for the information

    1. The PC version is right here O_o All the files except the .nds one is for the PC version.

  10. I don't know if you also can collect keywords in the PC-version, but does anyone know how to input them in the game at the ending?-___-' (I'm playing the DS-version, and to me it seems really confusing.^^')

    1. I'm having the same problem D:
      Just finished the Souta Path and if I put" "Parade, cat, lime" it doesn't work...
      I don't know if the those are the correct words, if I have to put them in korean (which I have no idea how to do it), or if the order of the words is right...
      I'm so bad at this kind of things /( >~< )\

    2. As in this website ( https://sites.google.com/site/loverevoguide/keywords ) is said the order of the words does't matter, so the problem must be if they are the correct words or if they're written in the wrong way (With or without capital letter).

      If someone figures out what the keywords (for any route) are or how they mus be written, PLEASE reply this comment, so other people with the same problem (and myself) will see it.

    3. Well, so after hundreds of tries I put the keywords without the capital letters and it worked. Though I only tried with Souta's Route and I don't know if with the other routes it'll be the same... sorry for all the comments I wrote (*>////<*) I hope they hadn't bothered anyone. I won't erase them so other people with the same problem as me will know what to do.
      Sorry again, I'm too clumsy ( >A< )

  11. The first link doesn't work. There comes "Sorry, we couldn't find that"
    I'm a little bit counfused what i should download.
    The first one is the one with the original game, right? The other ones are just patches?

    1. Okay I singned in and now the link works, but I can't find the Download there. The Only word where I can see "Download" there is behind the word spoiler and i can't open any link there.. I'm sorry if I truble you..

  12. Thank you so much for the links and advice! I really appreciate the great work you do!

    By the way is this version 1.1 of the patch or the older version 1.0? Because according to the translator's site, the version 1.0 had grammar/spelling errors and parts of Ayato's path were untranslated.

    You might want to look into that and update the files just in case.

    Thanks again!

  13. Hi! I come to report this:
    the links don't work anymore...(well...for me at last)
    i don't know if the links still work for other people,
    but if you have time, please update them again~ T_T


    1. Hi me again :P
      I almost forgot to be more specific in my message: i was talking about the links on the forum or at least the PC Version link: https://safelinking.net/p/4f9d7c9527
      (btw pardon my bad english u_u)

  14. I am dead, trying to find the PC ver. any idea where i can download it >3<!

  15. I don't know where to download the pc english version for this game TT^TT
    could you send me the link here?

    1. hmm, there's only DS version that has been translated, dunno if there's pc-eng

  16. I downloaded the pc version and can't seem to run it. When i click on LoveRevo.EXE, an error pops up that says, "file not found. autoexec.scn". I then tried SETUP.exe and another error pops up with "setup.ini *and weird symbols*". I assume it can't find setup.ini but it's right under the file setup.exe so now I'm confused. help please? It's my first time downloading like this.

  17. The link for the korean rom broke?

  18. I was wondering... Is it possible to play this game in english on PC using ITH? I mean, will this game be comprehensible, playable? Has anyone ever checked that? English DS version is hurting my eyes ;(


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