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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[Honeybee] Starry ☆ Sky ~In Winter~ (JAP)

This wasn't requested by anyone but since rest of the games of the series have already been uploaded I'll include this too. THIS IS THE MAIN GAME, not "After Winter" fandisc!!! That will be posted a week or so later, so please wait.


Title: Starry ☆ Sky ~In Winter~
Length: Medium (10 - 30 hours)
Rating:All Ages
Release Date: 2009-12-25



The fourth of the four Starry Sky games starring the characters from the drama CD's of the same name.Starry Sky takes place at Seigatsu Gakuen, a school which specializes in horoscopes, astronomy and other related topics. The main characters are all based on horoscopes.Starry Sky In Winter features Kazuki Shiranui, Hayato Aozora and Tsubasa Amaha.

It was Winter on Yahisa Tsukiko’s second year in Seigetsu Gakuen, a school specializing in fields of astronomy. Formerly an all-boys school, Tsukiko is currently the only female in the entire school.

On the day of the opening ceremony last year, Tsukiko and a fellow freshman Aozora Hayato became members of the student council after a quite forceful request from the president, Shiranui Kazuki. This year, Kazuki finally found someone whom he believed suitable for the treasurer position. He pointed a freshman named Amaha Tsubasa to be the student council treasurer right away.At first Tsubasa tried to run away, but eventually accepted the position.

With the student council members finally completed, the four of them tried to deliver a fun school life for all the students. But in March, Kazuki will graduate.. and so they were trying to enjoy their remaining time together.


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  1. Off topic but i like the new Crane Anime banner...

  2. Yeah, me too, I like the new banner. Kawaii~!

  3. Is the download still up? I clicked on it and it told me to make an account in erojiji.net. I just want to make sure i don't make an account and then find out the files were taken down :(
    also do you have to pay to make an account there??
    sorry for asking a lot! D;

    1. it's free.
      I've checked and all links are online/active/alive.

  4. I'm slightly confused. The download asks for a password, and it says that it 'could not open socket'. Please help?

  5. Hello,

    I was just wondering if it's normal that the link doesn't work? (I signed up on the forum also to donate a couple of days ago but I still haven't been approved by an administrator)

    Thank you for your time :)

    1. it is normal, lol...

      donated? seriously?
      you can still donate even though you're not approved?
      tell me your Nickname, I'll activate it for you

  6. Hi.. i try to download this game but link is broken, can you help me with it? i really like this game :) and ...

    btw, it's a english ver right? bcause i can't speak japanese :(

    Thank you so much before :)

  7. Hi,
    when I try to download the parts, it says that part 4 is an archive that is damaged or possibly encrypted. Is there a way to fix it? ^^


    1. redownload or repair, open part 4 with rar and Alt+R

  8. hey :) can you tell me the steps how to download the game? thank you. i really really appreciate if you help me cause i really really want to play this game :D

  9. Does anyone know where's the "After Winter"? I wanna play that so badly... and I'm pretty late to like this series so far...

  10. I'm Sorry I meant to say was I can't find the download link of the "After Winter" the link seems to be broken and I'm sorry I posted here, my pc was lagging and don't want me to go to the other site. Please don't hit me...

    1. go to our VN index (see the link at the top of this website)
      and search after winter

      if it's dead report to the dead link section at the forum

  11. Hi!
    Sorry to interrupt you... But i can't download the file, because they said, that i must to get a password and i don't know where i can get that, cos on CraneAnime Forum there isn't any...
    Thanks for help ;)

    1. Ok, never mind.
      I'm so stupid...
      Thanks for your hard work on this!
      This game is really great, thanks again!


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