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Monday, May 7, 2012

[Spicy Tails] World End Economica Eps1 (JAP)

I feel a little shamed that the VN I searching been searching for so long founded by Loo just 5 minute, but anyway this VN is really the rare one.

maybe he find it at IDWS , it's there since ages.. (If I'm not mistaken while [C] is still airing)

Title: World End Economica
Aliases:WEE, ワールドエンドエコノミカ
Developer:Spicy Tails
Release Date:2011-08-13 (Episode 1)


Roughly 16 years after the people who emigrated to the moon had settled themselves.
An age where a great number of people are chasing their wild dreams within the great skyscraper at humanity's frontier.
A young boy named Haru, born and raised on the moon, is one of those people chasing his wildest dream.
His dream, is to stand where no man has before.
In order to do so, he needed capital. A ludicrous amount of capital.
The boy named Haru was facing a place that gathered up people's desires. Sometimes it granted them, and sometimes it crushed them mercilessly.
There are only two key rules that govern that land.



Download Link

Episode 1
by Loo

Loo's Mediafire Alternative/Backup Files
by Sougo-San

1.After download extract it inside the WEE folder,if it asking to replace just do it
2.After entering to main screen press F1 to successfully apply the patch
Ver 1.01
by Sougo-San,credit to Spicy Tails

Waiting for Episode 2 right now...


  1. Part 2 has been deleted, reup pl0x

    1. Fixed, change the file name.If u already done dl ing other part, just change the [craneanime] part into [Loo] ( the contents is still the same)

  2. looks like part 6 is down now as well - don't know if you still check this, but would appreciate if you took a look. I tried changing Loo back to CraneAnime in the URL but it redirected back anyway

    1. read the announcement

      we'll reupload this after we're done with the other project

  3. i am hoping for the re-upload
    the mediafire link is broken
    and the mirror has missiong part 3 and 6...
    thanks for reading


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