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Sunday, April 22, 2012

[little-cheese] Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi. (JAP) (OTOME)

Second installment of the otome games night~~ A request by Ceira-san :)

Title: Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi.
Original title: 黒と金の開かない鍵。
Aliases: The gold and black keys that cannot open, KuroKin
Medium (10 - 30 hours)

Publishers: little-cheese
Release Date: 2010-12-04


Katagiri Kanade is a hikikomori who spent her days lazing off in her room. Her specialty is her broad imagination which often leads to various wild delusions. One night a weird cowboy guy appeared in her dream, saying that he’s her heart’s hero. Due to his encouragement, Kanade decided to try and go have a haircut the next day. It was then when she met a mysterious guy who cut her hair in the park, giving her courage to resume her school days.

Right after her haircut, Kanade was nanpa‘d by a guy who turned out to be her former classmate, Sudou Yukio. Kanade used to like him back then, and he was happy to meet her again. Kanade lives with her non blood-related brother, Sonomura Ikuto. Despite Ikuto’s warning, Kanade went looking for the mysterious guy who cut her hair the next day. She found him in the park, where he introduced himself as Hasui Tomoomi. He’s a professional hairdresser and owns a salon named Azalea nearby. Since Kanade was absent from school for so long, her homeroom teacher, Konno Chihiro, offered to help her with her studies.

Having these guys around her, what will happen to Kanade’s life from now on?


CG Sample

Download Link



Hook Code


I changed the hook code, in case someone is wondering, I couldn't get it to work,
the new one works fine for me.
To use the hook code properly, you need the 1.1 patch. Just unzip it and overwrite the existing files inside the installation folder with the new ones found in the patch.

For best playing experience, use TAhelper. Because the text hooked by AGTH in this game stupidly repeats the character names in the middle of the sentence, the translation is often bad. My tips are for curing that. Start the programs Translator Aggregator and TAHelper along side the game, follow my instructions as per this
pic , the line containing the names to be put in the box is 【郁人】;【奏】;【透央】;【琴子】;【竜樹】;【千紘】;【ヒーローお兄さん】;【智臣】 Then just minimize TAHelper (don't close it!) and play normally, you'll see the extra names will vanish from the translation windows in TA! :D



  1. Hey where did the OP song go? I swear I saw it 1 minute ago O_O

    1. I also not sure but can you fix about that to much space? Dwi_Edge getting mad later

    2. Between the title and also use old blogger

    3. I do use old blogger O_O Anyway I tried to fix it, if it's still bad you can steamroller over the post. :P

    4. ah ah and anyway want try DRAMAtical Murder? it was special for Otome fans but many fighting. i upload it right now

    5. I'm not into BL, but I hear it has been pretty popular so I guess many people will be happy.

  2. Tank you for the game.



  3. oh hello, thanks a lot for uploading this game !^^

    but i got s lil problem :( i've installed, and patched the game, replacing the exe with the patched one, then use the new hook code, but still the text are not working right,, the kanji, hiragana, and katakana not all got into the ITH ( i use the combination of ITH & atlas, so on it can't be translated nicely with atlas)

    can someone help me about maybe my setting ( i use the default one ) or something? :( thanks a lot !!

    i've been all day searching bout the guide and the newbie guide here, but i still can't get out from this probelm ;___; ~

    1. if you've any problem, ask Otome (see the blogger profile above)
      via email...

  4. i'm sorry... i'm so confused... i've tried to patch it so many times but it isnt working for me... can someone explain to me how to install this and the patch?

    1. just extract and execute the patch...
      as for installing, read the newbie guide for basic info

    2. Just extract the zip file, copy the contents and paste them into the installation folder, overwriting the previous files.

  5. Can someone post the walkthrough, please???

  6. eee...etoo.. please explain to me step by step how to install it. i don't understand at all... please. i need your help. >.<

    can it game use english? sorry if i'm trouble you and sorry if my english bad too.. ^^. i appreciate your help. and thanks for all your games. ^o^

    1. i already read it. but. gomennasai. i don't understand at all.. (><). very-very sorry.

  7. thx for the guide and the walkthrough link but somehow i have a questions regarding golden key, i have follow step by step but i still cant get 2 golden ends...=0 any idea why?? thx

    1. Hmm, try this guide? http://half-a.net/games1/black-gold.html

  8. I patch the update and when I tried to open it it says that KAGURA.DLL is missing. I was told to install it but I have no clue what that is.

    1. Ah its ok. I realize what I done wrongly. But I hit another problem. I did the TAHelper thing but the name still keep repeating itself.

    2. hmm, try to reduce repetition option at ITH

      and also try different thread

    3. Oh, it works! Thanks a bunch!!

  9. I got the KAGURA.DLL missing error too, but I can't figure out what I need to do. Any ideas?

  10. I got the game working but when I use the ITH +TA the translation was terrible it goes one word at a time and it is not in sentence form..
    Is there a way to fix that I already try auto suppression repetition...
    Thank you !!!

  11. The /h code doesn't seem to be working for me, agth is still not hooking all the text. I've looked at several sites to see how to properly use the /h code, so I believe I'm putting it in the right place (i.e. under Target in properties). Any suggestions on what could be going wrong? Any particular way you're supposed to put it?

    1. try to paste what you write at "Target" here

      I bet you're doing it wrong, google AGTH tutorial and read it

    2. Thank you very much for trying to help me.

      Here's what I have: C:\agth\agth.exe /HAN-C@43E95C C:\littlecheese\wAaIJcERBx\blackgold.exe

      I basically searched up several tutorials, as well as one particularly on /h code, and this is what it told me to do. I'm not the most "technically inclined" person, so of course I would have problems.

    3. try to do it like this:
      C:\agth\agth.exe /HAN-C@43E95C "C:\littlecheese\wAaIJcERBx\blackgold.exe"


    4. The new code didn't work, unfortunately.

      I also took a look at the guide and have already done everything according to what I am supposed to.

  12. For the character name problem (when hooking the text). I followed the instructions and downloaded the latest version of TA helper ( as well. However, I don't have the option of "Remove from Sentence". Like there is no checkbox or those words there.. I have everything else on my TA helper, except solely for that. I was hoping someone could help me. Thanks :)

    1. see our ITH tutorial above anon, TA helper isn't really needed

  13. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much I've wanted to play this game, and after countless tutorials that I thought I'd never be able to follow, you have shown me the light. Thanks to this post and the ITH tutorial, I am now successfully playing this game (and actually understanding some of the things they're saying). As a noob, I never thought I'd successfully be able to play this (or any other otoge besides the English patch of Starry Sky),so thank you so much for your posts and tutorials. Stay awesome! <3


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