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Sunday, April 1, 2012

[Music] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate OST

Two more OST to go
eh? what do you mean? our lifespan is only 2 OST left?
I mean 2 left OST to be posted before posting the Weekly OST la
even i busy with Raizu script that not mean i going to stop yet.

oh btw, the anime-adaption of this VN coming through~

Title:Love, Election & Chocolate Original Soundtrack
Original Title:恋と選挙とチョコレート ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK
Release Date:May 27, 2011
Publish Format:Commercial
Classification:Original Soundtrack
Published by:sprite
Composed by:Elements Garden, Daisuke Kikuta
Performed by:Chisato Sumiyoshi, Michiru Morishita
Vgmdb Link:http://vgmdb.net/album/25510


1.Sawayaka na Asa no Kaze
5.Magic Hour
6.Hitori no Theme
7.Kachiki na Osananajimi
8.Mukiryoku no Bed
9.Zessan Donbikichuu
10.Fukitsu na Yokan
11.Koi no Mebae
12.Na, Nan Dattee
13.Iza Shutsujin
14.Boke wa Muyou
15.Afureru Omoi
16.Omoide no Kobako
17.Kimagure Tenshi
18.Omoi, Musubarete
19.Atsukute Amakute Yawarakai
20.Boku ga Ite, Kimi ga Ite
21.Senkyo Senkyo Senkyo
22.Pure Suite
25.Zetsubou no Fuchi de

Download Link

credit to ASL

Since Raizu sent me some next script I really getting out of time to posting some OST


New version of Miku(nah just kidding)


  1. can you upload PC Game Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ending Theme


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