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Saturday, April 21, 2012

[Aromarie] Gin no Kanmuri Ao no Namida (JAP) (OTOME)

Tonight is otome games night~~ So rejoice my fellow girls <3

And btw this is a request too...by Laney :)



Title: Gin no Kanmuri Ao no Namida
Original title: 銀の冠碧の涙
Length: Medium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers: Aromarie
Release Date:



"Will you marry me?" The story starts when Shinichiro suddenly says it to Aya...

She is supposed to live a happy life with him...

However, complaints about boring married life and husband who doesn't care much about her accumulate little by little...

An attractive younger guy at work. A cheerful and clear delivery person. A mysterious owner of a beauty salon. A reliable coworker of her husband's. She gradually gets attracted to other men...

Will she keep on loving her husband? OR will she look for another happiness'?


CG Sample

Download Link


Save data


  1. This is Laney! Thank your for responding to my request! ^^ Otome gaming time!

  2. That looks interesting.

    A married woman, bored with her daily life.
    That's a new protagonist's background. (for me) :-)

    Thank you


  3. Part 1 and 2 links are not working?
    Or jumbofile really having maintenance?
    But I can download part 3 and 4...

    1. try again in 3-4 days...
      I'll report to otome_gamer just in case it's really broken

    2. I believe jumbofiles is updating some of their servers or something...I too, can only download part 3 and 4, 1 and 2 refuse to be downloaded at this moment. However they do show up in "my files" list in my account, they weren't deleted or anything.

      I feel for you, and I would upload a mirror to mediafire if I had my special high speed net access but atm I can't finish uploading soon, jumbofiles would have finished their maintenance by the time I do....I still have the parts, so if this does not get settled in 3-4 days, I will upload again, don't worry.

    3. Jumbofiles problem is solved, try now.

    4. Yay!
      The files are now complete, thank you ^^

  4. Hellow,

    I have the same problem, can't find the first and two part
    Thanx a lot for your help
    and have a day :)

  5. i cant enter the page given coz they asked to complete a survey 1st. T_T
    can help me? Sory to bother ><

  6. I've got the same problem.
    when i open the jumbofiles link i'm asked to complete a survey to unlock the page, but for this i have to pay and it won't go away, can't download anything :(

    1. That does not happen to any of us, weird. Anyway use a pop-up blocker to get rid of the surveys.

  7. thnks 4 ur concern.. n& 4 posting this really appreciate it ^_^
    erm~ once i click the 'normal download'
    they say you need to put your phone number in order to resume the download page...?
    err. is dis normal.
    n yeah. i block all Pop ups already.

    1. No that is not normal, nothing like that happens for me. Try giving some bogus number.

    2. owh, really?? now that is weird~ OAO.
      yea did that. still it wont budge QAQ!! ohh no.
      i try refresh it many times..
      but dat thing is still there~ Q__Q

    3. Arigatou~ thanks ^_^
      4 ur help~
      really appreciate it~ ^_^
      in fact, I encounter dis problem with all jumbofiles link~
      jez to let u kno~
      n thnx again :3

  8. Is there an AGTH code for this?

  9. I don't understand WHY I CAN'T sign in to erojiji's forum???? I've tried with 2 different emails and usernames, succeed to register, but CAN NOT sign! It it said that "No sign in name entered". I already entered with either usernames and emails, but still doesn't work.
    Could you help?

    1. read the announcement at the top part of this blog

  10. I don't understand how to download the walkthrough. What do I do??

  11. How i can end this game with good ending?its always goes on bad ending ._.

  12. The save data link no longer works, please reupload. ^^
    Oh, I was wondering does this game include tokuten cds, 'cause I have been trying to find them and the one's that I found all have passwords... T-T

  13. Replies
    1. please before asking about english/or not check on this VN vndb link

  14. hello there..
    first, thank you a lot for this game
    i really appreciate it, so helpful ^^
    i want to ask, tho i dunno if it's my problem or the server

    i've been downloading the first and second part from mega,
    and it always said decryption error after download reaching 100%..
    i've tried about 3 or 4 times, and it always the same
    can someone help me ?

    thank you

    1. what browser did you use?
      try to use firefox / chrome to download from MEGA

  15. after I install it why it become syntax error?


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