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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Daily Brief: 18-04-2012

QB+Madoka is a corrupted god

Ok, here we go again~
Our weekly daily brief coming~
And btw, there are some important news, so please read till end.

1. Read this guys: http://animu-mango.wikia.com/wiki/VN/LN_Links
Crane Anime - A maximum level weeaboo blog with some guides and other useful information."
oh lol... I can't stop laughing http://i.imgur.com/ohGiX.gif

2. We still need someone to help us in re-designing CraneAnime blog (if it isn't so obvious already, www.craneanime.com is a blog) I prefer people who have experience in blogging (especially bloggers) and have the ability to make this blog looks "good" enough..
contact us at
CraneAnime Fanpage via messaging
#CraneAnime (expect less people here)
3. If you have request, please put them on Request Booth! (check the link on our headline site).
Don't spam your request on our Fanpage, coz we will rarely respond on them, Put your request on here -> Request Booth

4. We still need your help on reuploading Chyvalle's old files... If you want to help see the titanpad
http://titanpad.com/XfnIzjIJYi Look at the list, make sure it's still not reuploaded yet, and book it... and put your name there (you can see the examples made by Xerxes, Chinatown, or whoever) and please read this:
All the files size must 200MB/part, and then Upload your files to MediaFire
(note: you can remote upload them to Jumbofiles, see titanpad at the bottom part)

here is the step if you don't know how to do it:

For example: you'll reupload Kisaragi Gold Star
- Go to your Kisaragi folder make it to a rar file (whether your files is ready-to-play or you rar the .iso) split it to 200MB/files, and please put 5-10% Recovery Record - Register/Login your MF ID - Create a folder (the title can be your VN that you will upload, but use a kind of stupid name i.e: Kisaragi Gold Star=> Kisaragi Silver Moon) - After folder created, click the folder
- Click option Upload files
- Drag the files to the bar
- Click upload and wait your upload to finish
- After finished, click Share Folder, and you give us the link

- Don't you ever delete the parts ... coz we need you to reupload it later, in case something happen...


Do you interested to take part and contribute on VN Community?
If yes, Here is your chance!
HGTP need translators and hackers to help their projects.

- Eiyuu Senki, lead by Chiaki
Need: Translator(s), TLC/QC, and Hacker(s).
- Rance Quest, lead by Azathoth
Need: Translator(s).

We are urgently need translators on these two projects to speed-up the translations.
Please visit their site (HGTP) for more info.

OR you can just leave a comment on this post, and I'll respond it asap.

6. Do you want this Winamp skin?

I've request this skin to my friend,, and the result is not bad.
So if you Kamidori fans, go get this now!
Check here: Kamidori Winamp Skin
it's better if there's no Wil at the main background...

And here is a pic for you~


  1. yo..i don't have idea if u want publish this skin in here =__= i'm just think you publish it to fb ... if u didn't mind ,i will repair the button in next week (since me kinda busy in RL ,lately )

    1. @suba: it's up to you :)
      but i don't think i can add it again on next week daily brief though XD

      *take a glance at Dwi_Edge*

    2. oh okay ..and thanks for publishing my creation in your site :D

    3. your welcome ;)
      btw, you can still fix/repair the skin, and i'll change the pic above into the new one later~

    4. Sure .. i will repair that skin now :3 wait , 1 hour again :)

    5. yo, this is the repair button version ,raizu http://animeskins.blogspot.com/2012/04/winamp-skin-kamidori-alchemy-meister_19.html

  2. I would love to help out, but my level of Japanese isn't really that high enough as I've only studied about two years of Japanese to be of significant help as a translator.

    1. I you like to help tell me so i may ask Raizu for your job or i give you some script than I wait for your result

    2. @corlee: you want to try?

      I believe two years learning japanese is sufficient enough to help translate :)

      come to our Fanpage, or you can visit our IRC (https://cbe003.chat.mibbit.com/?url=irc%3A%2F%2Firc.p2pirc.org%2FCraneAnime)

      I'll waiting :)

    3. Hi~

      I shall try my best! I did check on the IRC, but it appears there was no one there when I went on.

      I'm not really much of a FB user and it's usually reserved for academia purposes, but do please contact me via my e-mail (corlee1289@yahoo.ca) with the heading title of "Craneanime", otherwise it might end up being in my spam box and later on deleted by me.

    4. Received and replied to!

      Will check for a response later :3

    5. @edge: thanks for cover it :)

      @corlee: i also sent you an e-mail,,
      please check it later

    6. Sorry in the delay for replying, I've sent one back :3

    7. hmm, I can't reply now, since this class is too annoying

    8. @edge: i've sent him/her the reply.
      don't worry about it :)


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