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Monday, March 26, 2012

[3rdEye] Bloody Rondo (JAP)

Finally, we have arrived at this page,

Join us with our Investigation and Bloody Battles!!!

Now I try to get this VN ASAP because there's too many people asking for this VN , so now just played it and I'm going to sleep inside funeral now.

Requested by: Sea12


Title:Bloody Rondo
Length:Medium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers:Moe App & 3rdEye



This is the first game by 3rdEye. Shinkurou leads a double life. During the day, he leads a normal school life with other students, but when the sun sets, he heads out to the town to hunt the vampires that have slipped in among humans. One night, he comes upon a girl surrounded by vampires. He takes care of the vampires and takes the fainted girl to his home. However, he soon finds out that she isn’t human. How will a vampire hunter like Shinkurou deal with Luna, the last vampire princess who doesn’t know much about humans at all? An action-based game featuring vampires (including man-made ones), lycanthropes and vampire hunters.




nope, I'm too lazy... just read this:
You're mentioning us, so we have to mention you too~

江神 真紅郎 (Egami Shinkurou)
Protagonist of the game, becoming the familiar of Luna, and a bad ass protagonist who has some severe Sis-con syndrome from the fact he’s still alive at this point for the sake of his sister that also includes the vampire hunting, he’s also in contact with the Hunter Society, He’s currently the caretaker/owner of his grandfather’s detective agency in the light of his grandpa’s death/absence.

ルナ・フリード・クイーン (Luna Freed Queen)
Last of the Pure Blood vampires or Shinso in other words, she’s the girl that Shinkurou save at the start of the game and is the sole survivor of the Society’s final attack of her Home castle, which was burned down by her Mother just to not accept death under the hands of Humans, as expected of being a Shinso she has that pride however Shinkurou will always be there to curb stomp her antics should do they go from shear randomness and to being just flat out silly especially since he’s part of the Hunter Society he especially needs to control her from them finding her out and in turn put his life into deep jeopardy because, Shinkurou being her familiar has a life link to her if she dies he dies as well.

リネット・ヴァンス (Linnet Vance)
Part of the wolf clan and is Luna’s first familiar, she likes to murmur a lot of the time and those murmurs happen to have quite sharp words and being Luna’s first familiar she wants her relationship to Luna in that yuri-esque manner. She later relinquishes her protective role of Luna to Shinkurou after finding him worthy to be with her.

二階堂 凛子 (Nikaidou Rinko)
Also part of the Hunter Society under the branch Silver Bullet (but this in fact is a minor thing), She transfers to Shinkurou’s class under the notion of Vampire Hunting and also moves in to Shinkurou’s Detective agency/home.

神津 沙耶香 (Kamizu Sayaka)
The School’s Idol and an Oujo, she has a deep crush on Shinkurou, and a rule breaker of the Oujo she wants to live a ‘Normal girl’s’ life that includes finding a part-time job, and her father is actually quite over protective of her, she later becomes Shinkurou’s meido of sorts because of Luna’s antics, theres one thing she knows is that once joining Shinkurou’s ‘Harem’ she can see herself as the most useless girl in the batch this is to take into consideration that most of Shinkurou’s girls happen to be action girls…

アリス (Alice)
She is an artificial vampire,she’s that monotonous silent girl who has control over electricity and source code hacking

Download Link


ok ready for a rumble.


Lets start the battle!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Herp Derp, people need to lurk moar. There is no English patch silly.

    2. theres a heading called patch with a link
      under update

  2. then why the patch??........bug mistakes or something??

  3. Just confirming... the first MF link is for the base game only and and second MF link is for base game AND extras?

  4. I got a problem when trying to install this. When it starting to install there's an error appear "G:/BR.EXE" japanese letter (... : 4/5).

    What should I do ?

    1. Btw I use the links from Dwi_Edge

    2. oh it's working,eh? my (other Dwi_Edge) link...
      explain further with screenshoots anon

    3. I dont know what's wrong with this.


    4. not enough disk spaces???

      or wrong directory?

    5. I don't that's the problem though

    6. nvm. Already solved. Anyway thx for the help guys. keep up the good work

    7. How did you solve? Im getting the same error also..

    8. Same problem as above QAQ!!

    9. I already say just screenshot it do not keep giving the same answer

    10. . . . same problem = same error = same ss = same way of solving. Look up and you will find a screen shot. Do you still need to ask for one when there is already one?

    11. ahh you just wasting a time,go fix the apploacale/use WinRAR to extract/if corrupted use recovery record to fix the corrupted part/checking you Disk volume and directory to extract.

  5. I could not apply the patch. it seems there is error crc....

  6. I update then click on the patch but nothing happen,anyone know how to solve this?

  7. ehi,but in some files there's the password.what I do?

  8. When I download all the part,i have 26 partb in format 001/002 ecc...
    What I must do for install it??

  9. there is a problem for download:
    in the first two links, i can`t see any file to download
    and the datas of the last two links are invalid or deleted
    have u other licks to download it?

    1. See announcement above,we still fixing right now so you can either check the animesharing or nyaatorent.

    2. Do you have know when you will have the links back up again can you please answer this i would very much appreciate it

  10. Everyone's talking about installing, updating and patching, I just want to know how to get it in English, can someone answer this please? I'd very much appreciate it.

  11. Does Anyone have the files because i can not seem to obtain the files from the current ite posted above:
    It says its not there if anyone could help me i would deeply appreciate it

    1. Sorry, i still can not get it i recieve this message:
      "Sorry, we couldn't find that!


      You do not have permission to view this forum.

      Need Help?

      Click here to log in
      Our help documentation
      Contact the community administrator"

      Terribly sorry for the trouble

  12. Thank You so much but now i have an additional issue it won't allow me to Update I Very much appreciate your time and effort in assisting me

    1. This is what is happening:

  13. I read the noob guide, only because i wasted 2 hours trying to solve the problem,but even with the guide it still doesn't work.The update gives an error.I translated it in google and it said "The iso is not stalled" wtf :\.

  14. when i dowload the file in erojiji instead of a iso file i get a folder. folder: 3rdEye inside that is another folder: BLOODY RONDO and inside that folder are some files like uninstall, update, readme and a starting program but when i click it it says that it isnt properly installed. by the way the files i dowloaded from erojiji didn't have an iso so i can't istall anything. what shoud i do?

  15. Replies
    1. seem like I don't like how there's an empty button "extras" when it's supposed to be there so lol

  16. hi ähm sry btu ive got the same problem as the one before me, when i click on the link there only stands "sorry we couldnt find that" but i have already an account and im logged in too, but it looks like im not allowed to do anything lol

    1. can you submit your IP and username at the forum to erojiji?
      the email is at the top of this blog

    2. ok but i dont know much about these things so im just asking why do you need my IP? (sry if im making any troubles)

    3. the ip is so i can check to see if its in our auto ban filter, or in the restricted access filter. since alot of people have dynamic ip's, thousands of different people may use a specific ip in a given month

  17. the file u upload is not an iso file, it's a folder of file after it got installed -_-

    1. you can't play it?
      is there a .reg file on the files you downloaded?

  18. I can't download it. It says that there is no file to download:

    Is it only me?

    1. not only you, but please read the ANNOUNCEMENT up there

  19. I have a question, how many episodes are there?

  20. I'm unable to save
    some codes like @save appear and give me an error that closes the game

  21. note : the download site is have eror dont download it http://www.4shared.com/zip/3Gekc7g_/bloody_rondo.html
    download in 4 sheared

  22. Hello. I got the game and there is one problem:
    When I click to launch the game, it instantly crashes.

    How to solve please?

    1. your system locale is not japanese before installing?

  23. Tried reading all the replies, but would appreciate it if someone helped me. I cant manage to install this game I keep getting the same BR.exe error. I've already changed all language and region settings to japanese, updated direct x, and mounted with virtual clone drive. I hope someone can help me as I've wasted over 6 hours truing to install this. My PC runs Vista if that is relevant. If my explanation isn't that clear check this link for images: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20141119200236AAT6ZgE


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