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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Daily Brief: 28-03-2012

Another week coming for new daily brief, guys~

and as we know, we have opened our request booth several days ago,,
it can happen, because you all really help us to re-upload Chyvalle files.

Yaph, it's give and take. You gave back the files, we take all of your request and provide the DDL link for you. Everyone happy!

Yay! Crane Request is opened!

(name subject to change)

Put your request here folks: http://bit.ly/GNbsFi and please read the rules!

probably will get closed soon, depend on me

Fate girls~

Our latest condition
for Chyvalle's files

Statistics (Updated on 28/3/2012)
~158 / 454 VNs broken, 115 fixed/hijacked,
5 fixing/partially hijacked

there are still 43 VN to fix
Almost there....

We still need your help!
check here for the broken VN list A-Z:

Re-Upload List

Please see this pad for further info:

see this if you're trying to help:


please read the instruction there

and i think that's all...

Oh Winter is passed... some of my favorite series ended..
my weekend won't be complete anymore.... TT-TT

Ending of the Season
(for me)

You don't like it?

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