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Thursday, January 5, 2012

[Karin Entertainment] Zettai Meikyuu Grimm ~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~

well, like the link title, this is Otome game
and also it's ALL-AGES...
so everyone, even your little sister will safe play this
(but too bad it's still japanese though :P)

Let's go on~


Title: Zettai Meikyuu Grimm ~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~
Original Title: 絶対迷宮グリム~七つの鍵と楽園の乙女~
Developer: Karin Entertainment
Release Date: 22-07-2011



Henrietta likes fairy tales. She peacefully lives with the Grimm brothers in a small village. But one day, Henrietta has a dream of being lost in the forest. When she wakes up, the world has completely changed.... There are only Henrietta and Ludwig, the youngest brother of the Grimm brothers, in the village! They decide to go on an adventure to look for other two brothers....


CG Sample
(the bishounen...)

wut? skeleton too?

It seems he is the main hero
so, Do you like him?

well, i'm not m(=__=)m

This is the real CG sample

This is just a pic...
the game itself didn't contain any HCG or 18+ scene
(vndb said so...)

Download Link

MediaFire (DEAD D:)

by: Kai

Kai is the only one who can and want to upload Otome VNs
so send your thanks to him

Not any more :3

Jumbofiles reupload
by otome_gamer

I really done it with those abundant CGs
Dwi_Edge will kill me for sure (>,<)


And to avoid our guys for facepalming on the CGs above
Here I'll give you an candy pic~

The complete version of my previous small pic in the post below

If you didn't know what is she!
She is an Alraune


  1. wow..
    for kai-san.. i really many thanks for you >.<

    i hope you can add another otome game >w<

  2. Thanks a lot for this! ^___^ More otome games is always better~

  3. Say that thanks to Kai ;)

    and make sure you visited our Fanpage in FB too

  4. can you answer me a question please?

  5. umm there seems to be a problem part 15... When I click download, the download doesn't start. I've tried using firefox, chrome and my other computer, but it still won't work. I'm not sure if there's just something wrong with mediafire right now so I'll try again tommorrow, but Kai-san can you please re-upload it if the link is dead? All the other links are fine so I only need this one left. >_<

    1. It worked! :D I think mf only lets you try to download the same file a certain number of times a day so that's why it wouldn't load anymore after I failed like 3 times before. Thanks for replying Dwi_Edge :)

  6. I need help with part 5, because the download keeps stopping at 5.0MB o-o I've tried redownloading it and repair it, but it still doesn't work ;.; could you help?

    1. Try using engine downloder like Orbit downloder

    2. thx for responding but it still didn't work :/ the only difference was that it stopped at 2.5MB ;-;

    3. it maybe because your connection are slow right now so try download other part first

    4. the other parts downloaded fairly quickly and completed c: but it seems that I'm only having problems with part 5 :/

    5. It maybe MF connection problems for that parts,you need to wait for a few days for it to run normally

    6. ah that's too bad =-=" but thank you for helping =^ u ^=

  7. I can't download it. Will someone re-upload the files and tell me the mediafire link, pretty please...

  8. Can't download it.
    The links are dead. Can someone fix this???

  9. I can't download part 7-8 from jumbofile. Is it only me or everyone else experiences similar problem?
    Is there no MF link?

    1. all people get this problem,do not asking us about the MF go ask their company why they kill us

    2. Try again, it was probably just a temporary error, I can download them just fine.

  10. I can't download part 9 can anyone help me?

  11. I cant download part 9 also. Can someone help me?

    1. hmm, either try again later or wait for our complete reupload later...
      sorry for the incovenience

    2. Jumbofiles tends to give trouble like this, check back after a week, I'll try make a mirror.

  12. hi, um, apparently part 9 has been deleted. sorry, but does anyone know where else i can download it? >_<

  13. Thank you Kai!!
    I need all parts because all files are deleted >.<

  14. Hi. The links which otome_gamer uploaded are dead too.


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