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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[Delta] Aigan Reijou ~Doll~ (JAP)

Actually, I want to post this tomorrow, too lazy =__=

but after reading something, suddenly i got motivated n so toki-doki! xD
wanna know what i've read?

another new update for Monmusu Quest 2

Line Type: Done / Remaining

City: 2386/5229 – 45.6%
Story: 5900/19600 – 30%
Battle: 26289/83000 – 31.7%

Ency: 107/1450 – 7.4%

Total - 34682/109279 – 31.7%

no kidding, he's fast!

keep going dude xD

and let's see... tonight we've this~


these white liquid is milk~
what a naughty girls to drink milk on the bed...:P

Aigan Reijou ~Doll~

Original Title: 愛玩隷嬢 ~Doll~
Developer: Delta
Release Date: 31-03-2006



You lose your way and get to a big house in the backwoods where a girl and three maids are living. You start to work as a servant there. What you imagine is an erotic life with those girls but a butler orders you that your job is to be a servant for those girls and to train them. Actually, this house was built to train girls and make them "dolls" to serve for rich people.

so basically, those girls will be trained as sex-slaves for some old fat guys

CGs Sample

Bigga CGs!
censored for boobs cancer

Her expression... so priceless (+_+)
I dedicated these pics for Chyvalle
He is into blonde btw~

Do you like these pics?
wanna me send you the original pics?

edit: pics removed due too intense
too bad you missed them :P


  1. wats the name of the game that the last bonus pic? come from?

  2. aww... too bad the BIGGA PICS are not allowed by head admin Dwi_Edge ~

    well, lucky for you that can watch it :P

  3. i know its a monster girl picture but thats not from monmusu quest? :P

  4. are u sure?
    maybe she will appear at Monmusu Quest part 3 :P

  5. hmm,that pic just random picture from monster girl encyclopedia. i think
    but if you want to see alraune girl check this: http://vndb.org/v3389

  6. i don't think that pic is random from monster girl encyclopedia though

    check this:

    similar right?
    who knows she is Alice sister :P

  7. WoW... so quick
    even rogue translator is just at 4%
    when gonna update it??
    next month??
    whats your prediction Raizu-senpai!

  8. actually Rogue Translation is at 32%,
    and the partial patch (33%) will be out tomorrow

    myself predict the translation will be finished 100% in one and half month again :)

  9. the last pick is probably a green-skinned alice artwork release cuz of the same type of flowers in the hair

  10. In here( i mean in CA uploader link status) say the link is still alive. I'm just check and it is already dead. Please change the link status


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